LIBS Info: Element Analysis

Title Authors Material Detector/Spectrometer/Software Tags Source
Multi-element and mineralogical analysis of mineral ores using laser induced breakdown spectroscopy and chemometric analysis D.L. Death, A.P. Cunningham, L.J. Pollard Geological SPEX 1877C/Princeton Instruments OMA/MATLAB Chemometrics/Machine Learning Link
Multivariate calibration of spectra obtained by Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy of plutonium oxide surrogate residues Markandey M. Tripathi, Kemal E. Eseller, Fang Y. Yueh, Jagdish P. Singh Glass Mechelle 5000/Mechelle 5000/Solis Lanthanides, Chemometrics/Machine Learning Link
Classical univariate calibration and partial least squares for quantitative analysis of brass samples by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy Jose Manuel Andrade, Gabriele Cristoforetti, S. Legnaioli, Giulia Lorenzetti, V. Palleschi, Abdallah A. Shaltout Brass Ocean Optics LIBS2500+/Ocean Optics LIBS2500+/ Chemometrics/Machine Learning Link
Optimization of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for rapid geochemical analysis J.M. Tucker, M.D. Dyar, M.W. Schaefer, S.M. Clegg, Roger C. Wiens Geological Ocean Optics LIBS2500+/Ocean Optics LIBS2500+/ Standoff LIBS, Chemometrics/Machine Learning, Mars Conditions Link
Laser Ablation Molecular Isotopic Spectrometry Richard E. Russo, Alexander A. Bol'shakov, Xianglei Mao, Christopher P. McKay, Dale L. Perry, Osman Sorkhabi Isotopes ICCD/Czerny-Turner (Unspecified)/ Isotopes, Chemometrics/Machine Learning Link
Analysis of preservative-treated wood by multivariate analysis of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy spectra Madhavi Z. Martin, Nicole Labbe, Timothy G. Rials, Stan D. Wullschleger Timber Andor ICCD/Catalina SE 200/ Chemometrics/Machine Learning Link
The influence of multivariate analysis methods and target grain size on the accuracy of remote quantitative chemical analysis of rocks using laser induced breakdown spectroscopy [PLS] Rhonda McInroy, Trevor G. Graff, Stanley A. Mertzman, Seth D. Humphries, James F. Bell III, Roger C. Wiens, Richard V. Morris, Ryan B. Anderson, S.M. Clegg Geological Ocean Optics HR2000/Ocean Optics HR2000/ Chemometrics/Machine Learning, Standoff LIBS Link
A novel method to extract important features from laser induced breakdown spectroscopy data: application to determine heavy metals in mulberries Di Wu, Yong He, Jingyu Wang, Liang Yang, Liuwei Meng, Lingxia Huang Organic Andor iStar ICCD/Mechelle 5000/Solis Multivariate Calibration, Chemometrics/Machine Learning Link
Rapid Nuclear Forensics Analysis via Machine-Learning-Enabled Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) Kalambuka Hudson Angeyo, Alix Dehayem-Kamadjeu, Bobby Bhatt Actinides Ocean Optics HR2000/Ocean Optics HR2000/MATLAB Chemometrics/Machine Learning, Actinides, Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Link
Exploring laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for nuclear materials analysis and in-situ applications Nicolas Andre, Rodger C. Martin, Deanne J. Brice, Steve Allman, Madhavi Z. Martin Liquids Andor ICCD/Czerny-Turner (Unspecified)/Solis Chemometrics/Machine Learning Link
Analysis of gold in rock samples using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy: Matrix and heterogeneity effects Blandine Nguegang Kamwa, Maryline Castello, Konstantinos Fytas, Paul Bouchard, Alain Blouin, M. Sabsabi, Francois Vidal, Marc Constantin, Marcel Laflamme, Kheireddine Rifai Geological Andor ICCD/Czerny-Turner (Unspecified)/ Chemometrics/Machine Learning Link
Determination of Rare Earth Elements in Geological Samples Using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) Jagdish P. Singh, Dustin L McIntyre, Christian L Goueguel, Jinesh C Jain, Chet R Bhatt Geological Princeton Instruments ICCD Max/ARYELLE/ Lanthanides, Chemometrics/Machine Learning, Argon Atmosphere Link
Major elements analysis in bituminous coals under different ambient gases by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy with PLS modeling Weidou Ni, Zheng Li, Xiong-Wei Li, Zongyu Hou, Siu-lung Lui, Tingbi Yuan, Zhe Wang Coal Spectrolaser 4000/Spectrolaser 4000/Spectrolaser Chemometrics/Machine Learning, Argon Atmosphere, He Atmosphere Link
Quantification of rubidium as a trace element in beef using laser induced breakdown spectroscopy Carl Sullivan, P.J. Cullen, X. Cama-Moncunill, R. Cama-Moncunill, Maria Markiewicz-Keszycka, Y. Dixit Food LIBSCAN/LIBSCAN/R Chemometrics/Machine Learning Link
Pre-flight calibration and initial data processing for the ChemCam laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy instrument on the Mars Science Laboratory rover D. Vaniman, R.L. Tokar, R. Perez, A. Ollila, H. Newsom, P-Y Meslin, N. Melikechi, J. Mazoyer, N. Lanza, O. Gasnault, Cecile Fabre, M.D. Dyar, D. Delapp, L. Deflores, A. Cousin, B.L. Barraclough, D. Blaney, S. Bender, S.M. Clegg, Ryan B. Anderson, O. Forni, J. Lasue, Sylvestre Maurice, Roger C. Wiens Geological ICCD/Czerny-Turner (Unspecified)/ Standoff LIBS, Mars Conditions, Chemometrics/Machine Learning Link
In situ analysis of steel melt by double-pulse laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy with a Cassegrain telescope Lifeng Qi, Yang Li, Yong Xin, Zhibo Cong, Haibin Yu, Lanziang Sun Steel Ocean Optics HR2000/Ocean Optics HR2000/ Argon Atmosphere, Double Pulse LIBS (DP-LIBS), Chemometrics/Machine Learning, Standoff LIBS Link
Quantification of Rare Earth Elements using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Nicolas Andre, Ann Wymore, Deanne J. Brice, Steve Allman, Rodger C. Martin, Madhavi Z. Martin Lathanides Andor ICCD/Catalina SE 200/Unscrambler Argon Atmosphere, Chemometrics/Machine Learning, Lanthanides Link