LIBS Info: Element Analysis

Title Authors Material Detector Spectrometer Software
Laser Ablation Molecular Isotopic Spectrometry Richard E. Russo, Alexander A. Bol'shakov, Xianglei Mao, Christopher P. McKay, Dale L. Perry, Osman Sorkhabi Isotopes ICCD Czerny-Turner (Unspecified)
Laser: Nd:YAG
Gate Delay: 25.000us
Gate Width: 60.000us
In this paper, a LIBS method is used to measure the isotope concentrations in samples. The method uses the shifts in vibrational/rotational peaks caused by the different isotope mass [which can be significantly larger than the atomic emission change due to the isotope mass]. Hydrogen, Boron, Carbon and Oxygen isotopes are discussed
Element Detection Limit (ppm) Wavelength (nm) Other Wavelengths (nm) Calibration Method Calibration Range (ppm) Notes
B 10000.0000 (Minimum Concentration Detected) -10.0000 N/A LAMIS (with PLS) -10.0000--10.0000 Estimated from LAMIS results for determination of Boron(10) in Boron Nitride.

Element RMSE (ppm) Wavelength (nm) Calibration Method Notes
B 0.4000 % -10.0000 LAMIS Determination of Boron(10) as a fraction of a sample containing both Boron(10) and Boron(11)