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Analysis of liquid petroleum using a laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy instrument Chunyi Liu, Xianglei Mao, Sudeep J. Pandey, Alexander A. Bol'shakov Liquids ICCD/Applied Spectra J200/Clarity Argon Atmosphere, Nitrogen Atmosphere Link
Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy for multielement analysis of powder materials utilized in additive technologies S.M. Pershin, M.V. Taksanc, R.S. Tretyakov, A. Ya. Stavertiy, M.A. Davidov, M. Ya. Grishin, P.A. Sdvizhenskii, V.N. Lednev Metals Andor ICCD/Andor Shamrock 500i/ N/A Link
Machine Learning Allows Calibration Models to Predict Trace Element Concentration in Soils with Generalized LIBS Spectra Jin Yu, Nicole Delepine-Gilon, Zengqi Yue, Yuqing Zhang, Hua Li, Tianlong Zhang, Yishuai Niu, Liang Gao, Ye Tian, Chen Sun Soil ICCD/Mechelle 5000/SciKit-Learn Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Link
Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy of light water reactor simulatedused nuclear fuel: Main oxide phase S.M. Clegg, Ken R. Czerwinski, David P. Kilcrease, James P. Colgan, James E. Barefield II, Elizabeth J. Judge, Keri R. Campbell Nuclear Raptor Photonics EMCCD/Catalina SE 200/ Lanthanides Link
Enhancement of carbon detection sensitivity in laser induced breakdown spectroscopy with low pressure ambient helium gas K.H. Kurniawan, M.O. Tjia, K. Kagawa, D.P. Kurniawan, M M Suliyanti, R. Hedwig, Z.S. Lie, E. Jobiliong, M. Pardede, N. Idris Gems Andor ICCD/Czerny-Turner (Unspecified)/ He Atmosphere Link

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