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Detector: Andor Shamrock 500i
From the Manufacturer's Website: Shamrock 500i Imaging Spectrometer Pre-aligned, pre-calibrated spectrometer detection solutions The Andor Shamrock 500i imaging spectrometer is the latest addition of the Andor family of spectrometers based on Czerny-Turner optical design. The optimized optical design provides exceptional performance for multi-track Spectroscopy. The Shamrock 500i is available as a pre-aligned, pre-calibrated camera/spectrometer detection solution allowing for seamless integration in user set-up. The Spectroscopy-dedicated software interface provides an interactive and intuitive platform for simultaneous detector(s) and spectrometer real-time control. Andor Shamrock 500i image
Manufacturer: Andor Technology
Title Authors Material Detector/Spectrometer/Software Source
Quantitative detection of metallic traces in water-based liquids by microwave-assisted laser- induced breakdown spectroscopy Matthew Wall, Zhiwei Sun, Zeyad T. Alwahabi Liquids Andor iStar III /Andor Shamrock 500i/ Link
Accuracy improvement of iron ore analysis using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy with a hybrid sparse partial least squares and least-squares support vector machine model X.Y. Li, X.Y. Zeng, Y.F. Lu, S.S. Tang, Q.D. Zeng, S.X. Ma, Y. Tang, Q.Z. Hao, L.B. Guo, Y.M. Guo Iron Ore Andor iStar ICCD/Andor Shamrock 500i/ Link
Investigation of the self-absorption effect using time-resolved laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy Jun Duan, Y.F. Lu, X.Y. Zeng, Yuyang Ma, Zhenlin Hu, L.B. Guo, Tao Wu, Yanwu Chu, S.X. Ma, Y. Tang Steel Andor iStar ICCD/Andor Shamrock 500i/ Link
Measurement of Eu and Yb in aqueous solutions by underwater laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) Jagdish P. Singh, Dustin L McIntyre, Christian L Goueguel, Jinesh C Jain, Chet R Bhatt Liquids Andor ICCD/Andor Shamrock 500i/ Link
Quantitative elemental imaging of heterogeneous catalysts using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy V. Motto-Ross, C-P. Lienmann, Y. Blouet, S. Moncayo, L. Sorbier, F. Trichard Pellets Andor Shamrock 500i/Andor iStar III /LabView Link
Detection of interstitial oxygen contents in Czochralski grown silicon crystals using internal calibration in laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) Dibyendu Mukherjee, Robert W. Standley, Patrick A. Taylor, Seyyed Ali Davari Silicon Andor ICCD/Andor Shamrock 500i/ Link
Evaluating laser induced breakdown spectroscopy sensor technology for rapid source characterization of rare earth elements Dustin L McIntyre, Jinesh C Jain, Chet R Bhatt, Daniel A. Hartzler Liquids Andor ICCD/Andor Shamrock 500i/ Link
Detection of toxic elements using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy in smokers’ and nonsmokers’ teeth and investigation of periodontal parameters Yusuf B. Habibullah, Sami Shafik, M. Nasr, M.A. Gondal, Abdul M. Alhasmi Biological Andor ICCD/Andor Shamrock 500i/ Link
Direct spectral analysis of tea samples using 266 nm UV pulsed laserinduced breakdown spectroscopy and cross validation of LIBS results with ICP-MS L.E. Oloore, Umair Baig, Yusuf B. Habibullah, M.A. Gondal Organic Andor iStar ICCD/Andor Shamrock 500i/ Link
Rapid elemental composition analysis of intermetallic ternary nanoalloys using calibrationfree quantitative Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) Dibyendu Mukherjee, Erick L. Ribeiro, Sheng Hu, Seyyed Ali Davari Catalysts Andor ICCD/Andor Shamrock 500i/ Link
Quantification of H/D content in Be/W mixtures coatings by CF-LIBS A Hakola, V Nemanic, C. P. Lungu, C Porosnicu, I Jogi, P. Paris, J. Karhunen, V. Dwivedi, A. Marin-Roldan, P. Veis Nuclear Andor ICCD/Andor Shamrock 500i/ Link
Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy for multielement analysis of powder materials utilized in additive technologies S.M. Pershin, M.V. Taksanc, R.S. Tretyakov, A. Ya. Stavertiy, M.A. Davidov, M. Ya. Grishin, P.A. Sdvizhenskii, V.N. Lednev Metals Andor ICCD/Andor Shamrock 500i/ Link

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