LIBS Info: Element Analysis

Title Authors Material Detector Spectrometer Software
Quantification of H/D content in Be/W mixtures coatings by CF-LIBS A Hakola, V Nemanic, C. P. Lungu, C Porosnicu, I Jogi, P. Paris, J. Karhunen, V. Dwivedi, A. Marin-Roldan, P. Veis Nuclear Andor ICCD Andor Shamrock 500i
Laser: Nd:YAG
Gate Delay: 0.080us
Gate Width: 0.500us
This research investigates LIBS for the analysis of contamination of plasma vessel walls (that are a mix of High and Low Z materials (W and Be)). Samples were 2um thick Be/W coatings on a Mo substrate, which contained D inclusions. Analysis was undertaken at high vacuum. Depth profiles were also recorded. Concentrations were estimated using CF-LIBS. The researchers were also able to resolved the D and H peaks in the spectrum
Element Detection Limit (ppm) Wavelength (nm) Other Wavelengths (nm) Calibration Method Calibration Range (ppm) Notes

Element RMSE (ppm) Wavelength (nm) Calibration Method Notes
H 0.8700 % -10.0000 CF-LIBS [Measurement actually on Deuterium concentration]