LIBS Info: Understanding

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What does LIBS (instrumentation) need to do better, if LIBS is going to actually become the “next big thing”?
Long Term Reproducibility:
My experience has been that with most LIBS instrumentation, g...
Element Spectra
LIBS spectra are immensely complicated involving transient plasma physics, shockwave dynamics, high ...
LIBS Detection Limits
When I worked for Laser Analysis Technologies, our brochure contained the following detection limits...
What does the colour of the element boxes in the Periodic Table mean?
The colour of the element boxes functions as an overview of the detection limit ranges for the eleme...
Why are there 2 measures of LIBS performance used on this site - Detection Limit and RMSE?
The two measures attempt to answer different questions that are often asked about LIBS performance o...
Are all LIBS peaks self-absorbed?
Short Answer: Yes, but there are order of magnitude differences in the effect depending on t...