LIBS Info: Element Analysis

Detector: Photomultiplier
No Specific Manufacturer listed: Photomultiplier image
Manufacturer: N/A
Title Authors Material Detector/Spectrometer/Software Source
Chlorine detection in cement with laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy in the infrared and ultraviolet spectral range Christoph Dominic Gehlen, Eugen Wiens, Reinhard Noll, G. Wilsch, Kenji Reichling Concrete or Cement Photomultiplier/Paschen-Runge Spectrometer/ Link
Analysis of heavy metals in soils using laser-induced breakdown spectrometry combined with laser-induced fluorescence Frank Hilbk-Kortenbruck, Reinhard Noll, Peter Wintjens, Heinz Falk, Christoph Becker Soil Photomultiplier/Spectrolab M/ Link
Liquid steel analysis with laser-induced breakdown spectrometry in the vacuum ultraviolet Laszlo Peter, Volker Storm, Reinhard Noll Steel Photomultiplier/Paschen-Runge Spectrometer/ Link
On-line detection of heavy metals and brominated flame retardants in technical polymers with laser-induced breakdown spectrometry Michael Stepputat, Reinhard Noll Plastic Photomultiplier/Paschen-Runge Spectrometer/ Link
Bulk analysis of steel samples with surface scale layers by enhanced laser ablation and LIBS analysis of C, P, S, Al, Cr, Cu, Mn and Mo Volker Storm, Jens Vrenegor, Reinhard Noll, Michel Hemmerlin Steel Photomultiplier/Paschen-Runge Spectrometer/ Link
Investigation of matrix effects in laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy plasmas of high-alloy steel for matrix and minor elements Jens Vrenegor, Reinhard Noll, Volker Storm Steel Photomultiplier/Paschen-Runge Spectrometer/ Link
Analysis of heavy metals in liquids using Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy by liquid-to-solid matrix conversion D.M. Diaz Pace, C. D’Angelo, D. Bertuccelli, G. Bertuccelli Liquids Photomultiplier/Monochromator/ Link
Fast vacuum slag analysis in a steel works by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy Volker Storm, H.-U Schmitz, T. Reuter, Rudiger Fleige, Reinhard Noll Slag Photomultiplier/Paschen-Runge Spectrometer/ Link
A new detection system for laser induced breakdown spectroscopy based on an acousto-optical tunable filter coupled to a photomultiplier: Application for manganese determination in steel Fabiano Barbieri Gonzaga, Celio Pasquini Steel Brimrose AOTF/Photomultiplier/ Link

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