LIBS Info: Element Analysis

Title Authors Material Detector/Spectrometer/Software Tags Source
Quantitative analysis of arsenic in mine tailing soils using double pulse-laser induced breakdown spectroscopy Ji-hyun Kwak, Christoph Lenth, Christian Salb, Eun-Joung Ko, Kyoung-Woong Kim, Kihong Park Soil ARYELLE/ARYELLE/ Argon Atmosphere, Double Pulse LIBS (DP-LIBS) Link
Investigation of matrix effects in laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy plasmas of high-alloy steel for matrix and minor elements Jens Vrenegor, Reinhard Noll, Volker Storm Steel Photomultiplier/Paschen-Runge Spectrometer/ Argon Atmosphere, Inter-Element Correction Link
Fast vacuum slag analysis in a steel works by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy Volker Storm, H.-U Schmitz, T. Reuter, Rudiger Fleige, Reinhard Noll Slag Photomultiplier/Paschen-Runge Spectrometer/ Argon Atmosphere, Multivariate Calibration Link
Preliminary studies of laser-induced breakdown spectrometry for the determination of Ba, Cd, Cr and Pb in toys Quienly Godoi, Dário Santos Júnior, Lidiane Cristina Nunes, Flavio O. Leme, Iolanda Aparecida Rufini, Jose A.M. Agnelli, Lilian Cristina Trevizan, Francisco José Krug Plastic Kodak KAF 1001/ESA 3000/MATLAB Argon Atmosphere Link
Analyzing Glass with Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy N/A Glass ChemReveal/ChemReveal/ Argon Atmosphere Link
Characterization of laser induced breakdown plasmas used for measurements of arsenic, antimony and selenium hydrides L.J. Williamson, J.B. Simeonsson Liquids Acton Spectra Pro/Acton Spectra Pro/ Argon Atmosphere Link
Carbon Analysis in Stainless and Carbon Steels Using Hand Held Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy [LIBS]Carbon Analysis in Stainless and Carbon Steels with Handheld LIBS N/A Steel SciAps Z200/SciAps Z200/SciAps Argon Atmosphere, Hand-held LIBS Link
Optimization of chemical and instrumental parameters in hydride generation laser-induced breakdown spectrometry for the determination of arsenic, antimony, lead and germanium in aqueous samples Serife Yalcin, Semira Unal Yesiller Liquids Mechelle 5000/Andor iStar ICCD/ Argon Atmosphere Link
Evaluation of laser induced breakdown spectroscopy for the determination of micronutrients in plant materials Lilian Cristina Trevizan, Dário Santos Júnior, Ricardo Elgul Samad, Nilson Dias Viera Jr., Lidiane Cristina Nunes, Iolanda Aparecida Rufini, Francisco José Krug Plants ESA 3000/ESA 3000/ Argon Atmosphere Link
Determination of Rare Earth Elements in Geological Samples Using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) Jagdish P. Singh, Dustin L McIntyre, Christian L Goueguel, Jinesh C Jain, Chet R Bhatt Geological Princeton Instruments ICCD Max/ARYELLE/ Lanthanides, Chemometrics/Machine Learning, Argon Atmosphere Link
Detection of interstitial oxygen contents in Czochralski grown silicon crystals using internal calibration in laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) Dibyendu Mukherjee, Robert W. Standley, Patrick A. Taylor, Seyyed Ali Davari Silicon Andor ICCD/Andor Shamrock 500i/ He Atmosphere, Argon Atmosphere Link
Investigation of optimized experimental parameters including laser wavelength for boron measurement in photovoltaic grade silicon using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy S. Darwiche, M. Benmansour, N. Eliezer, D. Morvan Silicon Acton Spectra Pro/Acton Spectra Pro/AnaLIBS Argon Atmosphere, He Atmosphere Link
Major elements analysis in bituminous coals under different ambient gases by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy with PLS modeling Weidou Ni, Zheng Li, Xiong-Wei Li, Zongyu Hou, Siu-lung Lui, Tingbi Yuan, Zhe Wang Coal Spectrolaser 4000/Spectrolaser 4000/Spectrolaser Chemometrics/Machine Learning, Argon Atmosphere, He Atmosphere Link
Analysis of total nitrogen and total phosphorus in soil using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy Liangtu Song, Rujing Wang, Yubing Wang, Zhong Zhuang, Haiying Hu, Liusan Wang, Cuiping Lu Soil Andor ICCD/Echelle (Unspecified)/ Argon Atmosphere Link
In situ analysis of steel melt by double-pulse laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy with a Cassegrain telescope Lifeng Qi, Yang Li, Yong Xin, Zhibo Cong, Haibin Yu, Lanziang Sun Steel Ocean Optics HR2000/Ocean Optics HR2000/ Argon Atmosphere, Double Pulse LIBS (DP-LIBS), Chemometrics/Machine Learning, Standoff LIBS Link
Quantification of Rare Earth Elements using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Nicolas Andre, Ann Wymore, Deanne J. Brice, Steve Allman, Rodger C. Martin, Madhavi Z. Martin Lathanides Andor ICCD/Catalina SE 200/Unscrambler Argon Atmosphere, Chemometrics/Machine Learning, Lanthanides Link
A partial least squares and wavelet-transform hybrid model to analyze carbon content in coal using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy Jianmin Liu, Weidou Ni, Zheng Li, Zhe Wang, Tingbi Yuan Coal Spectrolaser 4000/Spectrolaser 4000/Spectrolaser Argon Atmosphere, He Atmosphere Link
Quantitative Analysis of Cerium-Gallium Alloys Using a Hand-Held Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Device Michael B. Shattan, Howard L. Hall, Matthew T. Cook, Ashwin P. Rao Metal Alloys SciAps Z-500 LIBZ analyzer/SciAps Z-500 LIBZ analyzer/SciAps Argon Atmosphere, Hand-held LIBS, Chemical Mapping Link