LIBS Info: Material: Steel

Title Authors Material Detector/Spectrometer/Software Source
Fast, Laser-based Cr Analysis for Flow Accelerated Corrosion (FAC) Applications N/A Steel SciAps Z-500 LIBZ analyzer/SciAps Z-500 LIBZ analyzer/SciAps Link
Quantitative analysis using remote laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) C.M. Davies, H.H. Telle, D.J. Montgomery, R.E. Corbett Steel Princeton Instruments ICCD Max/IRY 1024/ Link
TSI LIBS Desktop Analyzer Steel Industry N/A Steel Spectrolaser 7000/Spectrolaser 7000/Spectrolaser Link
Effects of experimental parameters in quantitative analysis of steel alloy by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy I. Bassiotis, A. Diamantopoulou, A. Giannoudakos, F. Roubani-Kalantzopoulou, M. Kompitsas Steel EG&G OMA III/Jobin-Yvon HRP/ Link
Liquid steel analysis with laser-induced breakdown spectrometry in the vacuum ultraviolet Laszlo Peter, Volker Storm, Reinhard Noll Steel Photomultiplier/Paschen-Runge Spectrometer/ Link
Bulk analysis of steel samples with surface scale layers by enhanced laser ablation and LIBS analysis of C, P, S, Al, Cr, Cu, Mn and Mo Volker Storm, Jens Vrenegor, Reinhard Noll, Michel Hemmerlin Steel Photomultiplier/Paschen-Runge Spectrometer/ Link
Analytical control of liquid steel in an induction melting furnace using a remote laser induced plasma spectrometer S. Palanco, S. Conesa, J.J. Laserna Steel ICCD/Not Known/ Link
Investigation of matrix effects in laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy plasmas of high-alloy steel for matrix and minor elements Jens Vrenegor, Reinhard Noll, Volker Storm Steel Photomultiplier/Paschen-Runge Spectrometer/ Link
Comparison of detection limits, for two metallic matrices, of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy in the single and double-pulse configurations. Marwa A. Ismail, M.A. Harith, Gabriele Cristoforetti, S. Legnaioli, Lorenzo Pardini, V. Palleschi, Elisabetta Tognoni, M.A. Harith Steel MODI (MObile Dual-pulse Instrument)/MODI (MObile Dual-pulse Instrument)/ Link
Determination of phosphorus in steel by the combined technique of laser induced breakdown spectrometry with laser induced fluorescence spectrometry Hiroyuki Kondo, Naoya Hamada, Kazuaki Wagatsuma Steel ICCD/Czerny-Turner (Unspecified)/ Link
A Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor sensor array based detection system for Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy: Evaluation of calibration Abstract strategies and application for manganese determination in steel Fabiano Barbieri Gonzaga, Celio Pasquini Steel CMOS Linear Array (Hamamatsu S8378-1024Q)/Czerny-Turner (Unspecified)/ Link
A new detection system for laser induced breakdown spectroscopy based on an acousto-optical tunable filter coupled to a photomultiplier: Application for manganese determination in steel Fabiano Barbieri Gonzaga, Celio Pasquini Steel Brimrose AOTF/Photomultiplier/ Link
Quantitative analysis of phosphorus in steel using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy in air atmosphere X.Y. Li, X.Y. Zeng, Y.F. Lu, L.B. Guo, Z.Q. Hao, Xin Yan Yang, Zhi Min Zou, Chang Mao Li Steel Andor iStar ICCD/IsoPlane SCT 320/ Link
Investigation of the self-absorption effect using time-resolved laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy Jun Duan, Y.F. Lu, X.Y. Zeng, Yuyang Ma, Zhenlin Hu, L.B. Guo, Tao Wu, Yanwu Chu, S.X. Ma, Y. Tang Steel Andor iStar ICCD/Andor Shamrock 500i/ Link
Carbon Analysis in Stainless and Carbon Steels Using Hand Held Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy [LIBS]Carbon Analysis in Stainless and Carbon Steels with Handheld LIBS N/A Steel SciAps Z200/SciAps Z200/SciAps Link
In situ analysis of steel melt by double-pulse laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy with a Cassegrain telescope Lifeng Qi, Yang Li, Yong Xin, Zhibo Cong, Haibin Yu, Lanziang Sun Steel Ocean Optics HR2000/Ocean Optics HR2000/ Link