LIBS Info: Element Analysis

Detector: Kodak KAF 1001
From the manufacturer's website: The KAF-1001 Image Sensor is a high-performance charge-coupled device (CCD) designed for a wide range of image sensing applications. The sensor incorporates true two-phase CCD technology, simplifying the support circuits required to drive the sensor as well as reducing dark current without compromising charge capacity. The sensor also utilizes the TRUESENSE Transparent Gate Electrode to improve sensitivity compared to the use of a standard front side illuminated polysilicon electrode. Discontinued Kodak KAF 1001 image
Manufacturer: Kodak Eastman (now manufactured by On Semiconductor)
Title Authors Material Detector/Spectrometer/Software Source
Evaluation of laser induced breakdown spectroscopy for cadmium determination in soils Dário Santos Júnior, Lidiane Cristina Nunes, Lilian Cristina Trevizan, Quienly Godoi, Flavio O. Leme, Jez William B. Braga, Francisco José Krug Soil Kodak KAF 1001/ESA 3000/ Link
Evaluation of a compact spectrograph for in-situ and stand-off Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy analyses of geological samples on Mars missions Beatrice Salle, David A. Cremers, Sylvestre Maurice, Roger C. Wiens, Pascal Fichet Soil Kodak KAF 1001/ESA 3000/ Link
Multi-elemental analysis of solidified mineral melt samples by Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy coupled with a linear multivariate calibration Stephane Laville, M. Sabsabi, Francois R. Doucet Glass Kodak KAF 1001/ESA 3000/ Link
Analysis of plutonium oxide surrogate residue using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy Hongbo Zheng, Fang Y. Yueh, Tracy Miller, Jagdish P. Singh, Kristine E. Zeigler, James C. Marra, Awadhesh K. Rai Nuclear Kodak KAF 1001/ESA 3000/ Link
Preliminary studies of laser-induced breakdown spectrometry for the determination of Ba, Cd, Cr and Pb in toys Quienly Godoi, Dário Santos Júnior, Lidiane Cristina Nunes, Flavio O. Leme, Iolanda Aparecida Rufini, Jose A.M. Agnelli, Lilian Cristina Trevizan, Francisco José Krug Plastic Kodak KAF 1001/ESA 3000/MATLAB Link

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