LIBS Info: Element Analysis

Title Authors Material Detector Spectrometer Software
Analysis of heavy metal aerosols on filters by laser-induced plasma spectroscopy U. Panne , R.E. Neuhauser, M. Theisen, H. Fink, R. Niessner Aerosol ESA 3000 ESA 3000
Laser: Nd:YAG
Gate Delay: Noneus
Gate Width: Noneus
Detection limits in 0.02-2.7 ug/m^3 for Cd, Ni, As, Co, Mn, Sb, Cr, Tl, Sn, V, Cu, Pb. These aren't in tables due to difficulty to convert to ppm (by mass). Analysis was performed directly of filter papers which had been used to absorb aerosols. Method also tried normalisation to a microphone signal, but little improvement in performance was found.
Element Detection Limit (ppm) Wavelength (nm) Other Wavelengths (nm) Calibration Method Calibration Range (ppm) Notes

Element RMSE (ppm) Wavelength (nm) Calibration Method Notes