LIBS Info: Element Analysis

Detector: Echelle (Unspecified)
Authors have not identified any details on the Spectrometer, other than it is an Echelle configuration Echelle (Unspecified) image
Manufacturer: N/A
Title Authors Material Detector/Spectrometer/Software Source
Quantitative analysis of cement powder by laser induced breakdown spectroscopy A. Mansoori, B. Roshanzadeh, M. Khalaji, S.H. Tavassoli Concrete or Cement ICCD/Echelle (Unspecified)/ Link
Analysis of total nitrogen and total phosphorus in soil using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy Liangtu Song, Rujing Wang, Yubing Wang, Zhong Zhuang, Haiying Hu, Liusan Wang, Cuiping Lu Soil Andor ICCD/Echelle (Unspecified)/ Link

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