LIBS Info: Element Analysis

Detector: McPherson 218
From the Manufacturer's website: The McPherson Model 218 is a proven performer in the Vacuum Ultraviolet (UV). Used under vacuum or with inert purge gases, it is also useful in Infrared applications where water bands, etc. may be eliminated. There are thousands of these monochromators working in laboratories all around the world. The optical system is very compact due to the unique criss cross optical design. Patented by McPherson, this approach allows shallow angles of incidence and diffraction. Users benefit by improved line shape and resolution. The large 44-degree angle between entrance and exit slits provides ample work space. McPherson 218 image
Manufacturer: McPherson
Title Authors Material Detector/Spectrometer/Software Source
Use of the vacuum ultraviolet spectral region for laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy-based Martian geology and exploration Leon Radziemski, David A. Cremers, Katherine Benelli, Cynthia Khoo, Ronny D. Harris Soil Andor ICCD/McPherson 218/ Link

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