LIBS Info: Element Analysis

Detector: McPherson 207
From the manufacturer's website: Model 207 0.67 meter Czerny-Turner high resolution scanning monochromator, manual drive with wavelength counter. This monochromator has an effective aperture of f/4.7 and comes complete with the following: Bilateral entrance and exit slits, continuously adjustable from 5 to 4000 mm. Height adjustable to 20 mm., includes manual shutter. Collimating and focusing mirror assemblies. Al and MgF2 coated is standard. For IR application Au (Gold) coated collimating, focusing mirrors and gratings can be supplied. "SNAP-IN" grating holder (US Pat. # 3433557) to accept 120 x 140 mm and 110 x 110 mm plane gratings. Two grating positions, 0° to 50° and auxiliary 20° for echelle gratings and wavelength range extension. McPherson 207 image
Manufacturer: McPherson
Title Authors Material Detector/Spectrometer/Software Source
Quantitative Analysis of Additives in Solid Zinc Alloys by Laser-induced Plasma Spectrometry L. St-Onge , M. Sabsabi, Paulo Cielo Zinc Alloys IRY 700/McPherson 207/ Link

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