LIBS Info: Element Analysis

Title Authors Material Detector Spectrometer Software
Evaluation of the Potential of Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for Detection of Trace Element in Liquid Fang Y. Yueh, Ramesh C. Sharma, Jagdish P. Singh, Hansheng Zhang, William A Spencer Liquids Princeton Instruments ICCD Max HR460
Laser: Nd:YAG
Gate Delay: Noneus
Gate Width: Noneus
Trace elements in a liquid jet were analysed using LIBS. A bulk liquid was also analysed, but the LODS were higher due to splashing. Comparisons were also made of optimal conditions in both jets and static liquids. Optimal gate delay and with were determined for each element and used in their LOD determination. Based on comparative results a LOD for TC of 1ug/mL was estimated, however this was not confirmed experimentally.
Element Detection Limit (ppm) Wavelength (nm) Other Wavelengths (nm) Calibration Method Calibration Range (ppm) Notes
Cr 0.4000 (Stated) 425.4000 427.48nm, 428.972nm Univariate Calibration -10.0000--10.0000 Liquid Jet measurement
Mg 0.1000 (Stated) 279.5500 280.27nm, 285.2nm Univariate Calibration -10.0000--10.0000 Liquid Jet.
Mn 0.7000 (Stated) 403.0760 403.307nm, 403.449nm Univariate Calibration -10.0000--10.0000 Liquid Jet
Re 8.0000 (Stated) 346.0460 346.473nm Univariate Calibration -10.0000--10.0000 Liquid Jet.

Element RMSE (ppm) Wavelength (nm) Calibration Method Notes