LIBS Info: Element Analysis

Title Authors Material Detector Spectrometer Software
Analysis of preservative-treated wood by multivariate analysis of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy spectra Madhavi Z. Martin, Nicole Labbe, Timothy G. Rials, Stan D. Wullschleger Timber Andor ICCD Catalina SE 200
Laser: Nd:YAG
Gate Delay: Noneus
Gate Width: Noneus
This report describes the design and evaluation of a LIBS system capable of rapid, accurate, and simultaneous analysis of multiple inorganic constituents in wood. The system is used to identify elements of interest in Copper Chrome Arsenic, Alkaline Copper Quat and ammoniacal Copper Zinc -treated wood from two forest tree species; EasternHemlock and Douglas Fir. The Unscrambler software was used to form PCA and PLS models from the LIBS spectra. PCA analysis showed clear discrimination between the CCA, ACQ and ACZA samples. PLS models for Cu, Zn and As concentration in the different treatments/woods were also prepared. These showed RMSEP < 1% for mosetelements
Element Detection Limit (ppm) Wavelength (nm) Other Wavelengths (nm) Calibration Method Calibration Range (ppm) Notes

Element RMSE (ppm) Wavelength (nm) Calibration Method Notes
Cu 0.2720 % -10.0000 PLS This is the best RMSEP for Cu. RMSEP values ranged from 0.272-0.913% for Cu RMSE Calibration values ranged from 0.08-0.593%
Zn 0.6730 % -10.0000 PLS RMSE Calibration: 0.224%
As 0.5930 % -10.0000 PLS RMSEP: 0.593-0.897% RMSEC: 0.192-0.497%
Cr 0.6250 % -10.0000 PLS RMSEP: 0.625-1.089% RMSE Calibration: 0.224-0.416%